Rabbit Hole Barbers


Here at The Rabbit Hole we have made it our mission to stand apart from you’re average Barber Shop. We are not just the average day to day barber shop, we have fantastic coffee a great range of complimentary beer and most of all a good set of ears we are here to listen to you. “need a hour away from home” or “just need to let it out” Going down the Rabbit Hole could help…

More About Us
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Trendy Salon

Our Services

Standerd Haircut

Traditional short back and sides and a trim on top

Beard Style

Thinning techniques & styling.

Smooth Shave

Includes Hot Towel Pre shave.

Skin Fade

Super short fade down to skin.

Making You Look Good
Is In Our Haritage.

Barber is a person whose occupation is mainly to cut dress groom
style and shave men's and boys hair.

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