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our story

 The Rabbit Hole Barber Shop we will thrive to make every experience memorable we take great care in our work and will insure your visit to The Rabbit Hole Barber Shop will be worth it. The Rabbit Hole isn’t just a barber shop it serves fantastic coffee and a place to just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. We are situated in the heart of Scunthorpe’s biggest community and will ensure we become a huge part of this. The Shops team will take great pleasure in making everybody feel welcome with it be from a quick coffee and a chat or one of our signature energiser facials.
We specialise in a great Wet Shave it is something we feel is one of the best services that a gentleman can receive, whether it being a quick line up or one of our famous facials using fantastic products to make you feel you can take on the world. At The Rabbit Hole Barber Shop every gents hair cut will be offered with a free deep cleanse, this will help repair your hair and also help with the end styling. It’s our golden rule no one will leave The Rabbit Hole Barber shop with unstyled hair.

What Clients Say

Your Cuts are really nice. I trust the barbers and hope that the next cut will be even better than I imagine.

Thomas Jackson

If you are looking for the place to get your hair cut this is the exact place to get the perfect experience. The service is great! They are the best: very attentive, thorough and professional.

Tom Jones


Joanne Clark